Thursday, December 13, 2012

Week 12: The Penultimate Week

Well  the home stretch is here.  Week 12 was the week to finish everything up.  Appliances, the deck, time for HVAC inspections, Energy Star inspection, etc.  and that was including some staff off for hunting season.  The one thing that our PM has made sure of was that everything was on schedule.  The entire time our closing date has only fluctuated by 1 day in either direction.  Impressive!   As for the neighborhood, they sold a few lots across the street, and now only have 3 lots left.  The one I'm not sure you could even fit a house on it, but there must be one specific layout that thy can squeeze on there.

As for the movers, we're going the Penske route and hiring loading / unloading help for the pieces that I have no idea how to get down and into the truck.  Definitely better than straight movers, but I'm not sure that the moving truck will be able to back into the driveway where we live now.  I'm sure with some creative angles we'll make it work.

Next week is closing (December 14th).  The only thing the PM has on the schedule is our pre-settlement demonstration and some final inspections and touch up work.  Then settlement on Friday.  NVR asked for our latest paystubs so I think that's the last from them.  I'll leave everyone with an outside shot with the sod in place.  Next post the house will be ours, and I'll try my best to fill up my allotted storage! ; )

Friday, December 7, 2012

Week 11: On the Turn for Home...

Week 11 is another week where we couldn't get out to the job site.  Trying to handle life's logistical challenges is making visiting our future home difficult, but we're in the home stretch so hopefully things will start to sort themselves out.  Inside we had the stone fireplace completed, the finish electrical complete and the finish plumbing work started.  As for the outside, the deck construction began (finally!).  Since it was also the opening of deer hunting season, some natural staffing delays were to be expected, but it was figured into our project plan anyway. 

We're trying to figure out how we're moving our belongings to the new home as it's not a "local move", however the furniture only quotes we've received so far seem pretty pricey.  If it wasn't for a few large items on the second floor I would attempt it myself entirely, but unfortunately I'm not sure of another way to get those items moved.

We're also into the final re-checks for our finances with NVR, and have begun to set up the transfer of ownership in utilities into our name.  December 14th is coming up fast!