Sunday, August 26, 2012

Color Selections

When selecting all of our different colors I failed to remember to actually bring a camera to document the colors we picked.  What can I say, rookie mistake! ;-)  So as I find the e-examples of each of our selections I'll update this post.


  • Cabinets - Scottsdale Square Maple Cognac Timberlake
  • Counter top - Granite - Santa Cecilia
  • Floor - Fidenza Cafe tile
Family Room
  • Floor - Casual Flair - Old Oak carpet
  • Fireplace - Aspen Fieldstone

Living Room, Dining Room, Stairs, 2nd Floor
  • Floor - Collinsville - Sahara Buff carpet

Foyer and Powder Room
  • Floor - Manchester Gunstock hardwood

Laundry Room and Morning Room
  • Floor -  Fidenza Cafe tile

Master Bath
  • Cabinets -  Maple Spice Timberlake
  • Floor - Fidenza Bianco tile

2nd and Bonus Bath
  • Cabinets - Maple Spice Timberlake
  • Floor - Brixton Bone tile

  • Brick - Edenton
  • Siding - Sandstone
  • Trim - White
  • Garage Door - White
  • Front Door - Spice Variety
  • Shutters - Red
  • Synthetic Deck - Mahogany

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Option Selections

So on to what we picked!  We selected the elevation E layout after much debate between that and elevation B.  What swung us to elevation E was the double windows in the dining, living, and two bedrooms vs. the "skinny windows" in elevation B.

Option wise we got as a free promotion a free morning room addition as well as a free 10x12 synthetic deck by using their in-house mortgage company.  We had (and did) opt to pay additional to extend the deck to 18 feet instead of the 12.  As for the mortgage qualification other than the surprise at the amount of documentation required now vs. when we bought our current home was fairly smooth so far.

As for 1st floor options here's what we have.  On the garage we selected the 3 car side-entry garage (looks like above), extra windows in the morning room, added the 4 foot extension on the family room, added the third window on the back family room wall, a stone fireplace on the side of the family room, the gourmet kitchen upgrade (big island, woohoo!), and the tray ceiling in the dining room.  In lieu of their 'lighting package' for the dining room we just added a switched outlet up there instead and will buy our own lights later. 

Now the 2nd floor options are a few (but pretty big ones).  We selected the owner's luxury bath with the upgraded shower, added the 2nd vanity in the hall bath, and added a bonus bedroom w/ bath above the garage in lieu of finished basement.  The thought is to make it a multi-purpose space for a guest suite, play area, etc. and later down the road possibly finish the basement.  We did however pay for the plumbing rough-in for a bathroom in the basement for when we do finish it.  It does change the front a little (picture the pic above with the extra window above the garage below and you'll get the idea):

We did select cabinetry, flooring, etc. as well as had our appointment with Guardian to select those options.  The only thing outside of cable / phone / data ports we did was prewire 5.1 in the family room (low access) and upgrade the phone / data runs to CAT6 vs. CAT5e.

As for the design options the one big thing to remember with this plan is that if you plan on carpet in the living room and the stairs / 2nd floor is that you will see both areas from the front door in this design.  We ended up picking the same color for both just so we didn't have clashing carpet when you enter the house.  We selected the base hardwood in the foyer and powder room, tile in the kitchen / morning room / laundry room / bathrooms, and carpet elsewhere.  Since we also have two dogs and our infant daughter, we needed stain protection on the carpet, so we went to the first upgrade on the carpet (a few upgrade levels on the family room) and upgraded the pad.

Next up is the pre-construction meeting!

Why Ryan, Why Rivendell

Time for a bit of backstory.  I accepted a position in Central PA for work at the beginning of the year, and have been commuting every day to see if everything was a good fit.  Luckily it was, and the next step was to find a place to relocate that was a) less than 45 minutes to work, b) easy access to head west to Pittsburgh (family) and east to the Lehigh Valley (family), c) a good school area for our daughter, d) close to shopping, dining, etc.  So we started looking.  Looked in Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, and everywhere in between and after many a drive we stumbled upon Rivendell after looking at other developments in the area. 

We stopped in and toured the Courtland model (great design!) and then set up a meeting to get a price estimate.  At the meeting we found out that the Courtland was retired and that a revised plan, the Courtland Gate, took its place.  The main "enhancements" in the Courtland Gate we didn't like (closet through the master bath, different 2nd floor layout, etc.), so we looked at the Victoria Falls.  After reviewing the plan and the options we also were excited to hear that the lot on hold that we liked was released from a previous prospective buyer, so we put a hold on it and reviewed the plan.  All in all we signed the contract and are now building in Mechanicsburg!

Welcome to our Build Blog!

After seeing a bunch of others creating a build blog, I thought it would be a great idea to start one as well.  We are building a Ryan Homes Victoria Falls model in Pennsylvania, and plan on documenting the process from signature to closing and beyond.  The first few posts will be more of a "catch up" to get to where we are now (pre-pre-construction meeting) and then regular posts after that.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this blog helps others just as much as the other blogs helped me.