Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bonus Room Summer Update Part Deux!

Just a quick follow-up from my last summer update.  We had the HVAC contractor come back for some assessment / adjustments and in the process marked the existing positions of dampers and vents prior to adjustment.  That way when winter comes rolling around we can just change the settings back to what seemed to work after our first go-around without any fiddling around or trouble.  After some adjustments to the main dampers I'm proud to say that our summer second floor heat wave seems to have been mitigated.  Granted the HVAC unit runs a little longer since the first floor takes a bit longer to cool, but now everything seems consistent, which is what we wanted all along.

Hopefully this is a sign that things are finally settling out in the right direction!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bonus Room Summer Update

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update on the Bonus Room and the temperature deltas up there.  It's still close to "in spec" for the summer, however everything on the second floor is hot hot hot!  If you crank the HVAC cooling to 72 on the first floor you get to roughly 76 on the second floor and 78-81 in the bonus room.  The ceiling fan makes it comfortable up there and is a must get for this room.  I honestly think their "conditioning" of the unfinished basement space and no blower to force air up the center stack of the house in the one zone configuration are the two main reasons for the discrepancy.  Not really sure where to go with this, since everything is barely within specs but still not happy with the situation.

We got our topcoat done a while back, like everything else they just showed up unannounced and did their work.  Too bad they didn't cover the whole width of the driveway and now the topcoat is cracking on the back curve.

I also re-did all of the mulch beds with proper mulch since the scattered "natural wood" they gave us for our winter close showed more dirt and weeds than cover.

Settling is coming in full force, we have the one bedroom where we can't close the door because of frame settlement.  Master bedroom second door and the back patio door are also suffering settlement issues.  Drywall is cracking in interesting ways, they better plan for a week to fix it all at the 10 month.

Other than that, still like the location, and we're still working on getting everything how we want it.