Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bonus Room Summer Update Part Deux!

Just a quick follow-up from my last summer update.  We had the HVAC contractor come back for some assessment / adjustments and in the process marked the existing positions of dampers and vents prior to adjustment.  That way when winter comes rolling around we can just change the settings back to what seemed to work after our first go-around without any fiddling around or trouble.  After some adjustments to the main dampers I'm proud to say that our summer second floor heat wave seems to have been mitigated.  Granted the HVAC unit runs a little longer since the first floor takes a bit longer to cool, but now everything seems consistent, which is what we wanted all along.

Hopefully this is a sign that things are finally settling out in the right direction!


  1. Very pleased to hear that this issue has a resolution. Thanks again for sharing. Your experience with this is incredibly useful. We will find out in a month if we need to walk in your footsteps.

    How many vents do you have in the bonus room?
    Where exactly were the dampers adjusted? (do you have a work sheet you can post). Is this something you can do on your own as needed?

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    1. Two vents. One near the interior wall away from the window and one near the window wall on the ceiling.

      Dampers vs. vents. So obviously the vents in each room have their own adjusters, but the dampers are down at the HVAC unit in the basement. There are three that are accessed there. One for each side of the "T" that feeds the first floor, and one on the big 24" steel duct that feeds the second floor. In the winter they were all wide open, now for summer those first floor ones are about 70% shut. There's a handle to adjust, and if it's parallel with the ductwork it's open, perpendicular it's closed.

      You can do it yourself, in fact now that it's settled out and marked that's what I plan to do moving forward.

  2. So glad it worked out!! This is very useful information. We had a major in balance during the winter and discovered that we were missing the lever. Once the lever was put in they adjusted the vents which worked but not too satisfaction. However, it works nicely for the summer months.