Sunday, August 26, 2012

Color Selections

When selecting all of our different colors I failed to remember to actually bring a camera to document the colors we picked.  What can I say, rookie mistake! ;-)  So as I find the e-examples of each of our selections I'll update this post.


  • Cabinets - Scottsdale Square Maple Cognac Timberlake
  • Counter top - Granite - Santa Cecilia
  • Floor - Fidenza Cafe tile
Family Room
  • Floor - Casual Flair - Old Oak carpet
  • Fireplace - Aspen Fieldstone

Living Room, Dining Room, Stairs, 2nd Floor
  • Floor - Collinsville - Sahara Buff carpet

Foyer and Powder Room
  • Floor - Manchester Gunstock hardwood

Laundry Room and Morning Room
  • Floor -  Fidenza Cafe tile

Master Bath
  • Cabinets -  Maple Spice Timberlake
  • Floor - Fidenza Bianco tile

2nd and Bonus Bath
  • Cabinets - Maple Spice Timberlake
  • Floor - Brixton Bone tile

  • Brick - Edenton
  • Siding - Sandstone
  • Trim - White
  • Garage Door - White
  • Front Door - Spice Variety
  • Shutters - Red
  • Synthetic Deck - Mahogany


  1. Hi Brian R, these are some great selections. Some of the colors I am familiar with, others are totally different. When we first started our process we were told the OTR was okay with the gas range and they were passing inspection. However, six months later, the county passed the new codes and we can no longer get the OTR with gas. I did not like the alternative placement, so I decided I will try the electric cooktop.

    I would love to continue following your build. Don't forget to join our blog site, I have to look for your blog another blogger. Thanks Brian.

    1. The Mrs. is all about the gas range, even though I grew up with electric and it was fine by me, plus it kept the bottoms of the pots nicer! ;) When we meet with the PM I'm going to bring it up, if everything is awful I'll have to get creative.

  2. I love that you're getting such a nice deck. We wanted a deck or patio but were told Ryan Homes doesn't do them because they can't warranty them.

    1. Ours was an incentive (10x12 and a free morning room). Right now we have a concrete slab patio which is nice except for our concrete block stairs. Like everything else with Ryan, it depends on the sales district :/.

  3. You could always do a drawer microwave in the island. Somewhere I saw that done by Ryan - can't remember where.

    1. A drawer microwave... I need to look this up, the only thing I have in my head is a bread drawer that my grandparents' kitchen had growing up. Thanks for the idea! :)

  4. Just found your blog and wanted to say that our single biggest regret is not upgrading the staircase; this house is built around that staircase and we kick ourselves for not upgrading it. Also, we have the basic laundry room and because we have front loaders, we had the hookups moved to the short wall as there's not enough room if they're on the long wall. Good luck! Can't wait to see pics!