Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 4 Part 1: Framing Galore!

Well Week 4 of the build brought a lot of progress, since framing started late in the week prior.  A lot, and I mean a LOT of framing!  So much that I need to break this up into multiple posts!  Here is the progress the first half of the week.  As you can see the first floor is for the most part framed and they started on the second floor.

The garage now makes a great spot to secure your breakables (i.e. windows!)

 The storage nook in the garage.  The big thing is to determine if this is a workbench worthy space or not, or if it's going to be a lawnmower / snowthrower parking spot.

The laundry room and of course every worker needs a place to rest, so a nice little bench does the trick!

Stairway to nowhere!!!

 Another shot of the stairs, these came with the risers fabbed in.  I've noticed others have open risers on their stairs at this point.  Chalk it up to regional differences I guess.

 From the morning room to the kitchen

From the morning room to the dining / family room

The living room.  Another bench!

 The dining room

The family room

The morning room.  Not sure why there's plywood over that main window, but I'm sure they'll cut / remove what they need to do.

More parts!

And some more!

And yet even more!

As you can see any part that is extended from the core "frame" of the house has the appropriate roofing framing in place.  Below is the family / morning room.

More family room.  You can see the bump out for what will be the fireplace on the left.

The side of the family room and the garage.  Also you can see the framing of the bonus room upstairs has started!

Another shot of the garage and bonus room:

And a slight panoramic shot to finish off the first half of the week:

Next up, Week 4 part 2!

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