Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 4 Part 3: Windows!

Since our region works on Saturdays as well, we had an added suprise in week 4:  windows!

 The master bedroom / bathroom, and now our fireplace framing is complete!

The garage and bonus room:

Master bath, bedroom 4, family room and morning room patio door: 

The rear of the house all wrapped and ready with windows and a decent amount of shingles done: 

 Bedroom 2, the dining room, and the board covering the egress window:

The patio door frame: 

The entry door and the garage fire door are the last two left:

The stairs to the basement.  Anyone else's stairs have the particle board risers on it like here?  I would think that on an exposed stairs (our basement is unfinished for now) that it would have been solid boards for both. 

The morning room with patio door:

The garage windows: 

The loft / entry windows:

A closer look at the patio door:

All in all one busy busy week!  Week 5 should be the finishing of the roof, as well as all of the trades get in there and get the rough wiring, low voltage wiring, and hvac in place for Week 6 and the all important pre-drywall inspection!


  1. I am SO jealous of all your windows! What a great look on the back of your home.

  2. WOW what progress !!! I think we have particle boards on our basement stairs too!! I cant wait to see your house progress... Our only Victoria FAlls model in the area is your elevation and they didnt have the bonus room... so those three little windows upstairs were in the master bedroom closet!! Are those windows going to be part of your bonus room now??? As our house progresses .. we realize its HUGE!!!! however I am still so jealous of your bonus room and THREE car garage!!!! We wanted to do it, but it was outside of our budget !!! I am not sure what type of kitchen layout you picked, but ours was just put in .. (we have the double wall ovens) .. you can take a look at the layout of how your kitchen may look if you chose that ! We are only a little bit ahead of you