Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Week 6 Post Delayed... Yay Sandy

So the good news is we're all safe and sound.  Bad news is no power possibly through the weekend.  As for the build, the wiring, pre-drywall inspection, insulation, and drywall were all done by Monday morning before Sandy hit, and I'll detail a bit more on that later.  Unfortunately these three things weren't completed:  a)  masonry work on the front of the house,  b) GARAGE DOORS, c)Sump Pump power.  Our PM secured the job site, however could do nothing about the big garage opening we had to the elements and the subsequent drywall / insulation just installed inside.  I'm almost expecting that there is some drywall / insulation water damage, but am waiting for the PM to give me a post-storm assessment.  The same goes for our previously dry basement w/ sump pump.  Since there was no electricity to the house, I'm presuming that the basement took on water, but to what extent I have no idea at this point.  Again, waiting for the assessment.  I'm not concerned if there is damage, I just want whatever is water-logged replaced.  Last thing anyone wants is mold in their new house.

Hope everyone else fared OK, and I'll keep everyone posted.


  1. Brian, we are in the same boat!! The PM said, they will be inspecting for mold, squishy and soggy floors, if so, they will be replaced! On my way to check out the house.

    You did great with getting your those items checked off your list before the storm!!

  2. I think you should go and inspect the house for yourself, if it is possible.

  3. Definitely inspect and take pics. That way you can confirm that they replaced what needed to be. But, I expect that they will be thorough...It's to their advantage to fix now before mudding the walls and installing floors.