Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Week 6: Pre-Drywall Inspection, Masonry, and Insulation

Week 6 things kept on chugging, with the HVAC / electrical / low voltage wiring pre-drywall work completed, our pre-drywall inspection, and then insulation and masonry work.  We met with our PM mid-week to review everything in the inspection.  I took a lot of pictures and got heckled by the Mrs. for it.  We don't get the as-built blueprints so it's the last time you can document where any of the wires were ran, why not take a ton of digital pictures, they're cheap!

We also dropped off the pvc for our spare wire chase from the basement to the attic.  Thankfully the Guardian panel is in the basement and not the garage where our electrical panel is.  Unfortunately I completely forgot to ask to put a change in for a sub-panel in the basement before it was too late, so whenever we finish the basement some of that drywall in the garage is going to get cut.  As for the wiring, the Guardian installer must have misinterpreted our changed instructions as he only ran the Cable in the master bedroom to the new spot, and not the phone / data line.  Our PM said it should be a quick fix and that it wouldn't hold up anything.

Later on in the week we had insulation installed and the drywall was ready to be hung into place.

They actually got all of the drywall done between the end of the week and the beginning of Week 7. The big thing was that we finally started getting masonry work outside!

Definitely a busy Week 6!  Week 7 (Sandy Week) had some drama, but we weathered it well.  More details in our Week 7 post!

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