Saturday, November 10, 2012

Week 8: Siding Complete, Drywall Paint, and Tile

Week 8 had some outside activity but most of it was under lock and key inside as the drywall got some mud and a first coat of paint inside, tile work began in the kitchen and the bathrooms, cabinets started to be installed and the beginning of trim and railing work started.  Outside, the siding was completed, and forms were put down for our concrete sidewalks.  Only outside pictures this week courtesy of our SR.

You can see the forms outside, as well as the trim siding work on the front.  Also our port-a-john wanted a more prominent role in the blog, so you can see his big entrance on the right!
The siding is all done, and you can see the outdoor components of the HVAC on the far left.
Week 9 will be a short post, I'll be out of town on work all week, and with not much on the outside there might not be any photos.  I'll try, but no promises!

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