Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Week 7: Drywall, Sandy, Garage Doors, Masonry and Siding!

Week 7 was hectic to say the least.  Sandy came rolling through Monday through Tuesday and there was a lot of conversation between our PM and us pre and post storm.  They had been able to get all of the drywall hung over the weekend for Monday which was great, however when talking with my PM it was looking like the garage doors would not be installed pre-storm.  Later we found out they were able to get the doors installed before the storm hit, fantastic!  The only Sandy damage we had was that some of the house wrap on the left hand side of the house had broken loose and had to be re-done.
The basement was bone dry, no wet drywall, no wet insulation, no big issues.  Needless to say I'm happy that the house weathered the storm pretty well considering we were without power until Friday night at our current place!

The rest of the week had the drywall inspection by the township completed and approved, starting to sand / mud the drywall in preparation for painting next week, finishing of the masonry work on the front of the house and the beginning of siding on the rest of our house. Needless to say they need to fix the wrap before they get to the left side of the house for siding, but it looks to be a pretty quick repair job to get it done.

Masonry work done!

You can see they left their little supply perch in place in the bonus room window

Siding time!


  1. I'm glad the house weathered the storm without any big issues. Love the brick!

  2. The brick looks great, nice choice.

  3. The brick looks great! Very classic.

  4. Brian, your home and brick color looks gorgeous ! I also like the porch! This is my first time seeing a Victoria Falls with this elevation being built! Awesome!