Saturday, November 24, 2012

Week 10: Finish Electrical and inside pics!

Well Week 10 we got a chance to go inside and take some pictures of the progress.  We stopped in on the way to family across the state, so definitely some logistics involved but we got there.  Finish electrical is the big item this week, so on to the pictures!

Sidewalk is done!
Porch still waiting for columns...
Lamp post and garage lights done
All graded before the deck construction starts
Those porch columns and other supplies

Family room moving right along

The stone work should start this week
Kitchen just needs appliances!
Santa Cecelia making its entrance

Just a shot with the granite, cabinets, and tile selection together.  Gas stove where are you?
Morning room looking good

View of the patio door and more morning room

Dining room almost there (ran out of trim!)

Living room

Master bath shower  Soap dish blends in (no white!) 

The rest of the master bath.  Hopefully no cracks under that debris

Master bedroom.  FYI if you have a king bed it can only really fit on the right wall, not centered in between the windows.

Our attic access hatch in the 4th bedroom (office)

Office / BD4 window.  Only really odd window placement in the house, and it's due to the morning room roof sloping in on the left of that opening.

Bedroom 3 in the front of the house

Bedroom 2 in the back corner of the house

Hall bathtub

The bonus room.  It's BIG.

I told you it's big.

Entry into bonus room from loft
2nd story foyer, loft on the left.

Looking down from the 2nd story

 Like I said, a lot of progress, and more finish work to come.  Guardian has to compete their connectivity work, plumbers have finish plumbing, appliances need to come in, flooring (carpet / hardwood) needs to be installed, as well as the power company hooking up the meter so the HVAC testing / tuning can be completed and everything checked out.  Should be a busy final few weeks before close!


  1. Everything looks great! That bonus room is huge!

  2. I have to say this is one of my favorite houses ever...wish I could have built this big, I look at your home and its my DREAM home...! Love it :) much!! Everything about it....awesome choice..

    Can you please tell me if you paid extra for your tile around your tub, we got our luxury upgrade bath in our bathroom with tile surround and tile floors, we were told that our TUB will NOT be tiled?????? My SR may be mistaken on this one as the flooring company said it will be........?????

    I hate those kind of surprises

    1. Thanks so much! The color tile in the master bathroom was extra, and was encompassing of both the bathtub surround and shower stall since they flow together. Obviously the tub itself is a one piece, but that's to be expected. As for the hall and bonus bathrooms we had a base tile selection you saw there of white or a cream color, but could go nuts with the upgrade to the same as the master bath or even up to 3 levels higher! : O

      Hope this helps!

  3. Brian,

    thanks it helps, it spoke with my flooring people today and NOT my PM and they said the tile will encompass the shower and the tub. I had certainly hoped so........We had picked level 2 tiling.....I also found out today, our flooring co. no longer uses level 6 padding that we paid extra for, the charge now includes level 8....awesome...

  4. Looks great! There is a home in our new neighborhood that was just finished and it is IDENTICAL!